EPIDIVE Center is only 2 hours away from Athens and less than an hour away from Corinth. Besides car rental, which stays the most convenient way to spend your stay in Greece, there are many other ways to reach us :


Car rental is the easiest and most convenient way to travel in Greece. It will allow you to be free of your movements and to visit the surroundings without any constraints.
Rates vary widely between seasons and between companies, but overall they are very affordable compared to other countries. The price range from 30 € to 50 €/day, but preferential rates are possible if you rent for a week or more. Age limit: 21 years old and driving license of more than one year. Credit card required for the rent.


Some taxis (generally the grey ones) accept to take you out of the cities and to make quite a long distance. It is convenient, but the price are relatively high…

Athens Airport - Epidavros : | 150 €
Athens Airport - Corinth : | 70 €


The bus is the most used public transport in Greece. The KTEL company holds the monopoly of the routes and its lines serve the whole Greece. The buses are modern and comfortable, but expect them to be full and a long journey. It is however the most economical way to travel. Buses depart from the KTEL Kifisos station in Athens (bus X93 from the airport). Athens - Epidavros : 13 €


The train is very poorely developed in Greece. Few lines exist and the trains are quite slow, stopping frequently in many stations. It is though a very cheap means of transport, and there is a fairly frequent Athens-Corinth line connecting the two cities in just one hour. Then from Corinth, you can take a taxi to Epidavros.

Athens Airport - Corinth : 9€

Plus d’informations sur : www.trainose.gr


For groups coming to spend holidays in Epidavros, it is possible to rent a coach with driver. Depending on the number of people, it is more profitable (and more convenient) to use this means of transportation.

Athens Airport - Epidavros : | 400 €
Epidavros - Nafplio : | 250 €
Epidavros – Ancient Theatre : | 200 €