A small selection of our 40 dive sites.

1. THE PAVEMENT AVENTIS 3. length 85M, depth from 15m to 50m (all levels).
A beautiful wreck poured 12 years ago, a visit of the freighter possible inside and outside, visible in snorkelling.


2. The LABYRINTH OF ZEUS. Depth of 2M to 18M. A fun route inside a small labyrinth, an easy preparation for cave dives, a great place to discover extraordinary spyrographs, we also cross stingrays, lizard fish in turquoise water and limpid .

3. AQUARIUM : An isolated plateau at sea at the foot of the METHANA volcano. Breathtaking visibility, a start at 6m for a level 1 (18M), level 2 (28m) and for the recyclers can go down to more than 100m. An impressive diversity of Mediterranean fish, in this natural AQUARIUM, lovers of MACRO & nbsp; can discover a multitude of nudibranchs and flavellinnes. The moray eels and octopuses are home to them, along the multicolored and vertiginous drop offs one regularly crosses barracudas, bonito and corifene bream.

4.  THE CHURCH OF WINE : A postcard & nbsp; A beautiful story that we will tell you before the dive, the lovers of falling and abysses adore it & nbsp; Placed at -90m, looking up, you will see the dive boat on the surface and, by transparency, the wine church, in blue and white of course .

5. CAR”NACRE” : Depth starts 32m, along the anchorage, a slide in the big blue, & nbsp; towards a ghostly plateau, planted with nacres of more than one meter and enormous multicolored sponges. A virgin place where everything remains to be discovered, a legend of sinners tells the presence of a wreck loaded with amphorae.

6. BOULOU BOULOU : The desert island of KYRA, is one of our favorite places for our famous DAY-TRIP & nbsp; This dive is unique, a treasure hunt on a sandy bottom strewn with herbaria, between 10m and 20m, the BOULOU BOULOU hide there to reproduce and let drag behind their shell a black and white flesh that unrolls a veil of white tulle: their eggs & nbsp; This show is unique.

7. ASPRO FARO :  The white lighthouse, an easy dive site for baptisms and exploration, there are a multitude of fish and amphorae Roman and the Goddess ATHENA.

8. PIRATES IN THE CARIBBEAN : A beautiful dive a start and end at 3m ideal for landings, we glide over a small field of pearls, to cross an intact amphora and there, like a Hollywood decor, a waterfall of old fishing nets prisoners overhanging cap covered multicolored sponges, along a wall that plunges to -90m. After we go back to 6m to discover a cave. A drop-off where barracuda and bonito hunt.

9. THE MINOTAUR CAVE: Speleology lovers to your palms. This dive is unique in the Mediterranean & nbsp; After a few dives of evaluations, you may have the chance to slip into the lair of Poseidon. A dive in cold water without natural light, but so clear that it floats like in space & nbsp ;!
And inside you will discover two unique beings, legendary sirens & nbsp; Perhaps what ULYSSE thought to see ... You may be part of the few divers who have the answer & nbsp;

10. CITY ENGLOUTIE :  The city is only allowed in snorkelling. A guided tour accompanied by a qualified instructor, who will tell you the history of this Greco-Roman city.